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I ran to the forest, but there were only darkened stumps instead. In place of the limpid stream, a tarry river was overflowing its banks. The rose bushes, the orchids and the magnolias have turned into scorched stubble. There were no deer, no parrots and cheetahs. Only the dodo birds (didn’t they go extinct long time ago?) walked on the ashen grass. I reached panting the pond with the goldfish and bent down to quench my thirst, but a carp as huge as a three-storey building came out of the water and opened his mouth to swallow me. I heard the thunderous laughter again. The mountain swayed and crumbled, only snapping taluses remained. The giant manikin squeezed the tailed one in his grasp and seemed to suck it in. It licked its lips hungrily and raised its arms to the sun again. I felt that this was a crucial moment and I even stopped running from the carp which rather briskly chased me along the banks helping himself with his side and back fins.